• She’s one in a million Project (in honour of Valerie Olalemi)

The creation of a fashion design and creative centre for underprivileged children and children living with disability

  • Counselling and Support

Create an avenue for primary care givers of long-term ill patients to express how they feel and get support through challenging times.

  • Project be the best version of You

Organizing Training/seminars in partnership with Maximize education for children aged 12-17 years

  • Orphanage support outreach: Donations and support to orphanages around the world.
  • Bridging educational gap project in partnership with Maximize Education for children living with disabilities and helping them achieve great academic strides as their peers
  • Awareness campaign project focused to increase the abysmal 23percent BAME donors on the donor registry
  • Community outreach project, biannual donations and support to the less privileged


This project was designed in honour of the memory of Valerie Olalemi. A young girl who had a dream of becoming the best fashion designer in the world. Sadly, she lost her battle with a genetic disorder called CGD last year at the age of 8.

Safe Haven-A ray of hope was inspired by her passing to help underprivileged children pursue their dreams despite prevailing circumstances or challenges by building a fashion design and creative centre where underprivileged children who wish to develop their interests, talents and pursue their dreams at an early age can be given the needed tutelage, guidance and motivation needed to help achieve their dreams.

We are committed to see this project through to its completion and would appreciate support for this cause in the following ways.

Major source of funding for this project is generated from the music video on our YouTube Page https://youtu.be/SGyk7Aiw5jw we would therefore appreciate publicity support to help the video go viral or financial support which can be made via our go fund me page https://gofund.me/7bec5ea0


This project is a 2-4weeks programme organised in collaboration with Maximize education that involves training and seminars for children (aged 12- 17yrs).

This project targets this age bracket because they are at their formative years and at the most defining time of their lives as a result are vulnerable to peer pressure as well as existing personal challenges. This programme will keep them focused, motivated and inspired to becoming the best version of themselves.


Safe Haven- A ray of hope offers counselling support to family members who play the role of primary care giver to children who suffer long term ailment.

We understand that being a primary care giver to patients who have a protracted illness or disability and experience lengthy hospital admissions can take its toll physically and psychologically.

Overtime, if some level of support is not offered this could progressively have an adverse effect on the family unit.

In light of this we give free counselling support to enable them vent and unburden themselves by expressing how they feel and getting them the needed support through challenging times. This enables them effectively and continuously deliver on being the support system for the patient.


We support orphanage homes around the world by donating desperately needed supplies e.g. toys, clothing, food and groceries.

We also give financial support for the erection of structures or required expansion, furnishing and facilities as well as educational funding to help them cater for as well as provide a safer environment for underprivileged children in their care. To support this cause donations via our donation page on the website will be much appreciated.


Children who struggle with medical conditions that require long hospital admissions suffer a major setback in academic development amongst their peers. The experience of Valerie and Praise two sisters who experienced lengthy hospital admissions inspired the Bridging Education Gaps project.

Valerie spent the most part of the 8 years she was alive in and out of hospital. In that time and for as long as 2-3years intervals of her numerous admissions she would lack access to any formal education despite hospital’s willingness and acknowledging its importance, it simply lacked funding and therefore lacked the capacity to offer educational support facility. This in turn would impact negatively on her mood as she really loved to learn.

On discharge the London city council with complementing efforts from parents would play catch up on existing educational gaps. These efforts by the city council often are not replicated across Europe and many countries across the world as each council/country with its existing educational developmental efforts and goals.

In light of this, children in areas lacking such a facility are entirely dependant on what their caregivers can make available in and out of hospital. This gets even complicated if the parents or care giver, lacks the financial wherewithal to provide qualitative education, thereby making education a supposed right of the child an out of reach privilege.

Praise having spent the first 4 years of her life in hospital was worse off as educational support in hospital and post admission was either non-existent or grossly inadequate in Newcastle. This impacted on not just her educational development but also her mental developmental milestones. Understanding that education being a fundamental right of a child is integral in achieving life goals, Safe Haven-A ray of hope in collaboration with Maximize education is dedicated to helping these children bridge existing educational gaps so they can catch up, compete favourably and achieve great academic strides as their peers.


This project consists of 3 major goals

  • To get more Black Asian and ethnic Minorities on the donor registry
  • To achieve free testing systems in Nigeria for volunteers willing to donate
  • Using continuous campaign to create more awareness.

Having had a prolonged wait for a matched donor Valerie Olalemi a Nigerian native passed on at the age of 8 as a result of the complications from the disorder (CGD)

In light of this heart wrenching experience an awareness campaign commenced in full swing for her sister Praise Olalemi who suffered from the same disease and as well was in desperate need of a stem cell donor. This Inspired the first awareness campaign for more Black Asian and Minority ethnic group to get on the donor register to enable doctors save hers and the lives of many others who were in similar circumstance.

Overtime and through the course of our campaign we have worked with the MP of Newcastle, The Nigerian donor registry, The South African registry and DKMS to get the message out there.

However, it is important to note that a lot more needs to be done to improve on the existing statistics for the BAME community who stand an abysmally slim 23 percent chance of finding a matched donor. As an organization we would appreciate publicity support to enable us get the message to a larger audience and save lives.


Safe Haven-A ray of hope biannually organises a community outreach where donations and support e.g. food, clothing, educational funding, enhanced financial assistance ( as each individual request vary and are unique) and other items are given to underprivileged children and children with disabilities as well as their families. This goes a long way in helping a lot of families who are experiencing financial difficulty. To support this cause financial donations can be made via our donation page https://www.safehavenhope.com/donations/donate-to-safehaven-a-ray-of-hope/ For donations of items and detailed enquiry on how to support please contact us via our email.