Guess who is one in a million?

This Week’s Brave Child


Maddison was born 9 weeks early due to complications during pregnancy. She weighed just 3lb 3oz.

It was suspected during her stay in NICU that she had sustained some form of brain injury due to a lack of oxygen before she was born. It was soon visable that she was not meeting any of her infant milestones and at just 8 months old she was diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, which means she can’t use any of her limbs properly nor can she sit and balance unaided.

Unfortunately, she was also diagnosed with refractory epilepsy as she was found to be having 30-40 seizures a day. Thankfully these are now under control through daily medication. And she was also diagnosed with severe learning disabilities. Fast forward 5 years and she is now attending a specialist school that meets all her cognitive, emotional and physical needs.

Since she started school in 2019 we have seen a huge improvement in her confidence and her speech and understanding abilities have Sky rocketed, surpassing her specialist expectations so far. Hopefully we can keep up the amazing progress to give Maddison the best life possible!