The time has come again to celebrate Black History Month. A time we reminisce and acknowledge the life, times and achievements recorded by Black people across the Globe.

Black History Month is an accomplishment that we should be proud of in the Black community as it reminds us of our excellence, abilities, achievements, resilience and intelligence.

In spite of the darkness that plagued our past; the pilferage of our resources and people to work as slaves in the most dehumanizing way. Our current challenges of systematic and outright racism, discrimination and profiling that birthed civil rights movements (Martin Luther king) and protests (#BLM)

We nevertheless must be inspired and motivated by our history, rich in outstanding contributions of Black individuals in all spheres of life from Science and inventions (Garrett Morgan), to the arts (Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Hattie McDaniel), sports (John Taylor) Media, economics (Mansa Musa)and Politics ( Abram Petrovich Gannibal) you name it.

These individuals left an indelible mark in the sands of time that became a pedestal for the icons of the present generation. (Usain bolts, Kofi Annan, Oprah Winfrey) A beacon of light showing us endless possibilities, the one true affirmation needed to pursue, overtake and achieve.

We therefore must take the baton and run with it. break boundaries and set new records that impacts upon humanity and will inspire the future generation.

in the words of the song by Esperanza Spalding

Think of all the strength you have in you

From the blood you carry within you,

Ancient men,powerful men

Built us a civilization

You are Black Gold.