Guess who is one in a million?

This Week’s Brave Child

Keliss !

Keliss aged 8, was born in Northampton, had lost 2 thirds of blood count and suffered Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Grade 3. Due to this there were not enough blood cells to carry all the oxygen around her body so all organs failed. Keliss was just 5days old, when her family was told to say goodbye to her as she was poorly and couldn’t breathe on her on.

Keliss never gives up, fighting and pushing herself past her limits, everytime she reaches a goal, sets a bigger goal.

Keliss loves soft toys especially paw patrol and dogs, matching pictures with letters, she enjoys horse riding while secretly doing therapy and enjoys playing basket ball while doing her weight bearing therapy.

In 2019, Kliss had orthopaedic surgery to strengthen her calf muscles so that her feet can go flat on the floor, due to permanent damage from the spasticity, she could only work on tip toes as her muscles were so tight.

Everyday Keliss wears her splints and leg gaiters to keep her legs straight.

In 2020, post surgery of Keliss, she is able to use her legs to get her up to stand and her feet are on beautifully flat! The difference is amazing.

Recently she had undergone botox in her calf muscle to relax her over active muscles followed by over six weeks of serial casting.

Kelis is really kicking celebray palsy bravely and defying all odds. Congratulations
You’re truly one in a Million.