Semah Weifur hails from Liberia. He was born on the 17th April, 2006, he is visually impaired from birth and surviving by the help of Monrovia based NGO, Christian Association of Blind (CAB). Inspite of this, Semah did not let his state enervate him.
According to a fan, Semah was a big fan of Flavour and sang most of his songs in Liberia at bars and events, as his dream was to meet Flavour and sing songs with him. He neither allowed his condition deter him nor kill his ambition to become a Songster.

Inspite of being in a home (CAB), his aspirations and strong strife made his dream a reality; The Nigerian Artiste Flavour visited Liberia on a Peace Mission?️ in 2017, where he met the talented little blind boy, Semah who according to him sang his songs better than he did.
Semah became Flavour’s adopted son , found himself recording with his favorite musician.
Weifur’s determined spirit has led him on to achieve several heart melting popular songs such as ” Most High”, “Mercy” and many more without allowing his condition to slow him down. He is truly a child of Bravery and a deserved hero for the week!