There’s Still an Urgent Need to Get More Black, Asian Ethnic Minority on the Donor Registry.

Have you Registered?

The representating number of only 13%, of the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority of the 1.9million on the registry is still a concern as compared to the 60% of people from Northern European backgrounds. This is an awareness campaign to bridge this margin to save lives.

Safe Haven -a Ray of Hope with other dignitaries; Chi Onwurah (MP of Newcastle), DKMS to mention but a few, implores people from the Black, Asian Ethnic Minority to make a difference by joining the donor registry to prevent long waits or possible death of people from this ethnic background in need of a donor match for a life saving transplant.

Getting on this donor registry simply means you’re saving a life. Someone is dependent on you for a chance to finding a perfect match.

The registry needs more BAME donors.

You can volunteer to become a donor to save a life by contacting a donor registry in your various countries and expressing your interest.