This project consists of 3 major goals

  • To get more Black Asian and ethnic Minorities on the donor registry
  • To achieve free testing systems for volunteers willing to donate in Nigeria and other countries affected by this.
  • Using continuous campaign to create more awareness.


Having had a prolonged wait for a matched donor Valerie Olalemi a Nigerian native passed on at the age of 8 as a result of the complications from the disorder (CGD)

In light of this heart wrenching experience an awareness campaign commenced in full swing for her sister Praise Olalemi who suffered from the same disease and as well was in desperate need of a stem cell donor. This Inspired the first awareness campaign for more Black Asian and Minority ethnic group to get on the donor register, to enable doctors save hers and the lives of many others who were in similar circumstance.


Overtime and through the course of our campaign we have worked with the MP of Newcastle, The Nigerian donor registry, The South African registry and DKMS to get the message out there.

However, it is important to note that a lot more needs to be done to improve on the existing statistics for the BAME community, who stand an abysmally slim 23 percent chance of finding a matched donor. As an organization we would appreciate publicity support to enable us get the message to a larger audience and save lives.

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