We’ve brought out today to celebrate someone special. A child truly one in a million. One who is rare in her kind.

Happy Post- Mortem 10th Birthday Day; Valerie Olalemi.

She’s one in a million.( A video of her talking)

Valerie lived for others, loved everyone around her from the depth of her heart. Her generosity sacrificed to others was examplary.

Her heart of gold was unfathomable! In 2016, Valerie was Continually worried of the safety of a new born picked at the gutter side by our long time family supported orphanage in Nigeria. This resulted to taking care of this child’s basic needs. Valerie named the child Michael. She never stopped her love and care to Micheal till she said goodbye.

In 2017, very ill in the hospital, she still pulled each day with a smile most keen to know how every child around her was faring in their cubicles. She also made sure she checked on the most accessible child opposite her window with a morning wave and smile.

In 2019, She had to bid farewell to king George Hospital, here she instigated a donation with 300pounds to support with books and toys as the children did not have enough she felt strongly.

At Great North Hospital where she made her last journey. Her last two most memorable cares, was the regular sacrifing of her iPad to a child next door and taking it as her responsibility to keep him company.
When asked why?
She explained the boy was lonely and wanted an ipad got for him. This was executed.
In 2020 she was happy to have all packs of crips in her room given to the homeless but also wanting something more to be added so it could be more filling for them.

Christmas ? mearnt alot to Valerie she felt it most enjoyable with the sharing of food and items to patients and nurses in hospital and the general giving executed.

Her most exciting bit in all her Birthday Celebration was the giving to children. Her 8th years birthday after which she said goodbye had her felt fullfiled as she moved her trolleys to every single child’s room for a pick of what she has in her trolley for them.

In remembrance of whom Velerie is, this post mortem 10th Birthday, is celebrated with a concentration to make a difference by supporting Daniel Adico.
Aged 7years Ugandan, with the help of a wheelchair, orthopedic bed, financial support, physiotherapy, medical assessment and advice with a care giver.( Daniel video to show him )

Valerie was most keen that we have a charity to help Children she and her sister initially suggested a name “A place like home” which was already taken and then the name “Safe Haven-a Ray of Hope” was birthed.
Her Death in 2020, became an inspiration giving the charity more stronger sense of direction. Her legacy continues to speak volume till date. she’s truly one in a Million!