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Child Star
Daniel Adico

7 years old Daniel Adico was born in Dokolo Uganda to mother Keren Alwedo and father Sam Obonyo.
At 1 year old, he fell ill and was rushed to hospital where his condition worsened.

Daniel soon developed complications with his spine and was unable to talk, walk or even sit without support and as such became progressively handicapped and totally dependent on assistance for everything.

Daniel’s Parents had no money and lacked the means to afford medical care, causing his appearance to become further deformed over time.
Karen said Daniel would stay in bed for 9 hours in a day as he was totally reliant on her for mobility.

To mark Valerie’s birthday, the Director of Safe Haven- A ray of hope selected Daniel from the list of disabled underprivileged children appealing for aid.

Safe Haven- A ray of hope planned to achieve for brave child Daniel a proper medical assessment and prognosis as well as get possible treatment and care plan recommendations from hospital.

An orthopedic custom standing frame and a wheelchair to help with his mobility and physiotherapy.

We are pleased to announce that we have delivered on the wheel chair after a long wait to have it built. A standing frame and hand splint was also built to enable passive physiotherapy.

This will enable Daniel be moved with ease and hopefully help achieve in future, a less dependent mobility.

Daniel also received medical support that has revealed his diagnosis as Cerebral Palsy for the first time.

His parents gained from our counselling support services which has brought both parents back together after their separation, as a result of financial difficulties and challenges around Daniel’s care.

Daniel’s bravery is unimaginable despite having cerebral palsy and poor living conditions, poor nutrition, he keeps fighting.
With your support we can go the extra mile to achieve a care giver, better living environment, longer physiotherapy support and a shop for sustainable income for his parents that can support family and eventually sustain continued care for Daniel.
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