About Safe Haven – A Ray of Hope

Board Code of Conduct

As a board, collectively and individually, we:  

  • Create a safe space– in which everyone is encouraged and feels able to speak.
  • Positively challenge– each other, but avoid being confrontational – saying ‘no’, ‘that won’t work’.
    • Instead, we ask open questions that will help us work together to explore/test an idea, or suggestion – who, what, when and how, but not why, which can come across as accusatory).
  • Think, then speak– what can I say succinctly that will most help the Board?
  • Feel able to ask the questions that need to be– there is no elephant in the room or, if there is, we’re all working together to get it out. 
  • Act strategically– by thinking externally and longer-term.
  • Understand that operational delivery is the remit of the CEO – by recognising that it’s not our role to manage operations, but to ensure these are led and managed well.
  • Focus on solutions– by talking about the past, only to learn from it, avoid talking about what we can’t do and, instead, focus on what we could do.
  • Welcome differing viewpoints – respect each other’s right to hold a different opinion and recognise our own right to do so too. 
  • Don’t make assumptions– about who someone is, but rather respond based on the facts/content of what he/she said.
  • All contribute– the contribution of the young, old, or those with lived experience is different to that of the professionals, but isn’t less than.
    • Everyone has something to give and something to learn.
    • And no one person is allowed to dominate the conversation to the exclusion of others.
  • Are slow to take offence – and quick to apologise, always.
  • Give permission– to everyone else to remind us when we inadvertently stray from the above. 
  • Accept our responsibility – for ensuring that everyone is treated fairly, with respect and kept safe from harm.



Approval and Review

Approval By Date Next Review  Date
Trustee Board Mar 21 Mar 22