Safe Haven A Ray of Hope – Appeal for financial donations.

We’re a small charity with big ambitions!

We will continue to strive to support underprivileged children and children with disabilities, but we desperately need your help. So we ask that you consider donating any spare funds to Safe Haven – A Ray of Hope.

Support our great work at Safe Haven – A Ray of Hope by clicking below, every penny counts towards giving every underprivileged child and children with disability hope to life

Your generous donations will help us achieve the following:

  • To financially support underprivileged children/ children with disability and their families.
    Create and publicize advocacy programmes to meet specific needs for children underprivileged and children living with disability.
  • Organize and facilitate social and educational activities/programs for children underprivileged and children living with disability.
  • To provide psychological support for children underprivileged and children living with disability

How to donate

Cash donations
Please call into:
01914062525 or 07907735726

Cheque donations
Please make payable to ‘Safe Haven – A Ray of Hope’

and post to:
59 Hadrian Road,
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 9HN.

Choose below to make a general donation or choose which projects you would like your donation to go towards

General Donation

A general donation to financially support underprivileged children or children with disability and their families.


She’s one in a million Project in honour of Valerie Olalemi

The creation of a fashion design and creative centre for underprivileged children and children living with disability. ( Read more…)


Counselling & Support for primary caregivers of long-term ill patients.

Create an avenue for primary care givers of long-term ill patients to express how they feel and get support. ( Read more…)


Project be the best version of You

Organizing Training/seminars in partnership with Maximize education for children aged 12-17 years ( Read more…)


Orphanage Support Outreach Project

Support to orphanages around the world. ( Read more…)


Bridging Educational Gap Project

For under privileged children and children with disabilities. ( Read more…)


BAME Donor Registry

A campaign project to get more Black Asian and Ethnic Minorities on the donor registry to save lives. ( Read more…)


Community Outreach

To support to the less privileged within our local community. ( Read more…)


Daniel Adico’s Appeal

Daniel soon developed complications with his spine and was unable to talk, walk or even sit without support and as such became progressively handicapped and totally dependent on assistance for everything. ( Read more…)


We do not take over heads. All donations will go to support the chosen cause.